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Stacks for Government Libraries: More than a CMS

Scalable, sustainable and customizable research portals designed to empower information and research managers.

Transform your research experiences into a single, streamlined, intuitive workflow that generates meaningful insights and improved outcomes.

Better research starts here.

A Better Library Experience

Search All of Your Content at Once

Including subscription services, open content, content you create, proprietary collections and more with our robust Search Integrations.

Institutional Repositories

Of all shapes and sizes are easily supported via Stacks Integrations or Features such as Collections and Virtual Exhibits.

EBSCO Discovery Service Integration

For the most Comprehensive Collection Coverage and Search Index Technology with Alerts and News Feeds for real-time, relevant updates.

Government Library Solutions

Cultivate Collaboration

Across teams by leveraging inline annotations using Stacks Collaboration Tools.

Influence Results

By providing students and faculty an experience that aggregates the quality resources your institution invests in.

Enhance Selection

Of top search result sources to improve diversity and richness of results while retaining targeted focus.


Create content in any language or use our machine translation options to translate content in real-time into 120+ languages.


Do you have multiple departments, teams or facilities that have unique research needs? Stacks can be configured to suit.

Curate Targeted Search Experiences

Quickly and easily as your resources and teams needs change and evolve over time.

Project Management

No time to take on a project? No problem. We’ll do all the heavy lifting.

UX Best Practices

Stacks Themes are inspired by user experience research and customer insights; backed by industry best practices for professional results, every time!

Improve Value Recognition

For existing resources and services with our easy-to-use responsive interfaces.

Granular User Roles

With moderated workflows designed to suit the largest teams. Complete revision histories with quick revert capabilities, publish and expiration date configuration and notifications for content requiring approvals.

Promote Efficiency

With workflows to support the delegation of content management tasks across teams of all sizes. Share expertise and content based on your unique collaborations.

Tailored Features

Research Guides, Resource Flows, Index Pages and Collections are specifically designed to meet the needs of Academic Libraries.

Secure Cloud Hosting

Means fewer IT dependencies and more day-to-day control for library staff.