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Our commitment to support libraries of all types worldwide

For more than 70 years, EBSCO has been your source for trusted research content. Today, EBSCO is the leading provider of library websites, research databases, e-journal and e-package subscription management, collection development and acquisition management, instructional materials acquisition & access, and a major provider of digital solutions, technology, e-books, learning & employment records and clinical decision solutions for universities, colleges, hospitals, corporations, government, K12 schools and public libraries worldwide.

Our SaaS model boosts business continuity through both robust security controls and automatic data backups that make it easy to recover from data loss or other security incidents. Stacks is responsible for the infrastructure that runs all of the web and mobile platform services offered and ensuring that this infrastructure is well managed, and that customer data is backed up and stored securely. These services provide the scalability and flexibility of cloud - based resources with the additional benefit of being managed. Our back - end management ensures that you do not have to worry about infrastructure maintenance, allowing you to focus instead on creating and delivering vital information to your community through a streamlined web experience.

In addition to the ease of security management, a subscription CMS ensures that your solution is always up to date. Stacks operates on a continuous deployment model with weekly releases including, but not limited to, security and non - security related patches, updates, enhancements and bug fixes. No other information technology CMS provides continuous deployment of enhancements, updates and improvements every week, without service interruptions or downtime —all included in one subscription price. This innovative approach to sustainability ensures that customers have the latest features and functionality at no additional cost.

Furthermore, Stacks is designed to be an open and extensible solution, with a modern architecture that also leaves room for extensive customization and integrations that extend beyond the out-of-the-box functionality. Stacks brings together the best of commercial off-the-shelf ease-of-use and the customizability of a professionally serviced solution. To help you tackle the biggest digital projects, the Stacks Professional Services team provides full-service project management and expertise needed to achieve your unique goals and objectives. In collaboration with the client, we will develop a customized project plan that may include services such as project management, consulting, business analysis, information architecture, content strategy, portal design, brand incorporation, software development, content migration and more.

While the Professional Services team will primarily support you in the early phases of solution development, they can be engaged at any time throughout the life of the contract to assist with a variety of requests. Professional Services incur additional fees that can be quoted based on the scope of work required.